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Beginning July 13, former NHL hockey pro, Donald MacLean, and strength & conditioning trainer, Steve Olsen, will be offering an Off Ice skill, speed and agility training camp for hockey athletes ages 9 - 15 at the Lebrun Recreation Centre in Bedford. To register, click here.

Dates: July 13 - August 7 (4 weeks)

Groups: U-12 Group A, U-12 Group B, U-15, U-15 Girls

Cost: $300 (Tax Incl.)


Week 1:    July 13         July 14         July 15         July 16         July 17  

9:00AM       U-12 (A)          U-15 Girls       U-12 (A)          U-15 Girls        U-12 (A)

1:00PM       U-15               U-12 (B)         U-15               U-12 (B)          U-15

Week 2:    July 20         July 21         July 22         July 23         July 24

9:00AM       U-15 Girls       U-12 (A)          U-15 Girls       U-12 (A)          U-15 Girls

1:00PM       U-12 (B)         U-15               U-12 (B)         U-15               U-12 (B)

Week 3:    July 27         July 28         July 29         July 30         July 31

9:00AM      U-12 (A)          U15 Girls        U-12 (A)          U-15 Girls        U-12 (A)

1:00PM      U-15               U-12 (B)         U-15               U-12 (B)          U-15

Week 4:   Aug 3          Aug 4           Aug 5          Aug 6           Aug 7

9:00AM      U-15 Girls       U-12 (A)          U-15 Girls       U-12 (A)          U-15 Girls

1:00PM      U-12 (B)         U-15               U-12 (B)         U-15               U-12 (B)

To register, click here.

Don MacLean

Don is a former NHL player with 15 years of playing experience. He also has over 20 years of professional hockey experience and was the recipient of the Top Scorer of the AHL in 2001 and League Top Goal scorer and League MVP 2005-06. Most recently, Don has coached the Bedford Aton AA Blues in BDMHA.

Steve Olsen, CSCS PN2

Steve is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Nutrition Coach. He specializes in youth training and long-term athletic development. He is also a certified online trainer and a contributing expert for

Information for parents

Due to COVID-19, there will be limited sharing of equipment. Therefore we are asking parents to send athletes with anything they will need for the day. This includes sneakers, refillable water bottles, any snacks (respect allergies), change of clothes, bathing suit, towel, street hockey stick, gloves, helmet, sunscreen, etc. We will have space provided for each participant to store their bag.


COVID-19 Procedures


Athletes are required to arrive 10 minutes before the session. There will be a list of COVID-related questions that you will be asked to answer upon sign in. 


  • Group will be divided into 2 (max of 10 kids/cohort)

  • 2 groups in total. At times, both groups will be on the sheet at once but will not socialize together. 

  • Half way through each session there will be a break and instructors will switch ends of the sheet (sessions 3 hours in total)

  • 1.5 hours – instruction with Donald Maclean for stick handling/shooting/game application

  • 1.5 hours – instruction with Steve Olsen for speed and agility training


Pick up is at 4 pm. We ask that all families properly adhere to social distancing procedures while waiting for your child.


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